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Founded in 1994 with the passing of Charles H. Bassett, an Owego native and prominent Syracuse attorney, the Foundation sustains and promotes the 150 years of Bassett Family good will and service in Owego and in communities where ancestors lived. The CHB Youth Foundation operates the Bassett Ah-Wa-Ga Center as a catalyst for community youth development, history and heritage. With a local Board of Directors and national Board of Overseers, the Foundation was initially funded and spearheaded by Charles’ wife, Betty Ann Bassett, until her passing in 2008 and later by their son, Robert Clarke Bassett.


  • Promote positive community youth development through student scholarships for higher education and training.
  • Youth volunteer grants to youth serving organizations.
  • Youth community service, leadership and history-heritage activities.


  • A little goes a long way.
  • To those much is given, much is asked.
  • E pluribus unum. Out of many, one.

Board of Directors

Christian Freyli, President        Kathryn Curatolo, Vice-President
Patti Halliday, Secretary
Mike Motell, Treasurer

Robert Clarke Bassett, Scholarship & Grant Director

David Woodburn, Finance Director

Candace Cerretani
Kim Cerretani
Colleen Dewey-Wright
Carol Livermore Ostrander
Ryan Marchewka
Melissa Tourtellotte

Gabe O’Donnell, Youth Member, OFA student

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